Sunday, August 24, 2008

Upside-down Rainbow

Last evening Hayden was outside swinging while I was in the mudroom working on the laundry. I heard Hayden frantically calling for me, so I ran outside and found him pointing up at the sky. The above picture shows what he saw..... an upside-down rainbow! I've never seen anything like it! Not only was it upside-down, it was also directly above our heads NOT on the horizon like most rainbows. I can honestly say it was one of the oddest things I've ever seen! Also one of the coolest!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Dead Computer

Our computer is dead. Can only post while visiting M&D. Hopefully this will be resolved within the next few weeks. Until then...........

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Shoe House

Today the kids and I took our first trip to the Haines Shoe House. I've been past the shoe house 100's of times, but I had never been inside. Well, today we all took our first tour. It is so neat! It is actually a REAL 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house. According to the very nice tour guide, Mr. Haines was a local shoe salesman and constructed the house in 1948 as a "marketing strategy" to draw attention to himself and his product. It must have worked, the man sold leather shoes for $1.79/pair and died a multi-millionaire! Although he never actually lived in the house, he did loan it to newlyweds for their honeymoon. It truly is an awesome house! The kids loved walking through the house and checking out the shoe dog house in the backyard! What a fun (and cheap) "field trip".

Hail Damage

On Sunday we made our usual trip to Mom and Dad's for dinner. When we left our house the sky was dark and we noticed some very bright lightning strikes. We figured it was just the normal summer thunderstorm. I walked through the house and closed all of our window "just in case." While over at M&D's the sky became dark, the wind blew and then...... nothing! Well, when returned to our house we found the above damage. THANKFULLY our house, windows, dogs, truck, and all "important" items were unharmed. However, James' beautiful garden, my flowerbed and all of our trees were destroyed! I spent the evening mourning the gardens as James chopped down the corn stalks and tried to salvage any remaining corn. I was crushed; however, James proved to be much more resilient than I. Monday evening he was back out in the garden planting green beans where the corn had been. That's my farmer!

Dutch Wonderland

Thanks to Mom's boss (Dr. Roth) we all spent a day at Dutch Wonderland. I must admit I didn't think we would have a good time. Well, as usual, I was wrong. We had an awesome time. I wasn't feeling too well, so instead of riding the rides I was designated "picture taker". We all wore our homemade tye-dyed shirts, which cracks me up! We, in the past, would mock the families that wore the same colors to amusement parks. We would walk around referring to them as the "Red Family" or the "Blue Family." Well we were the "Funky-Groovy Family"! I must admit the kids did an awesome job with the folding and dying of the shirts! Everyone had a great time riding rides and watching the shows. Cora and Hayden, the two who LOVE roller coasters. Rode their first big coaster by themselves, and Ella went down the HUGE tube slides with James. Are my babies really old enough to be doing these things? Apparently!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Fat Is NOT A Handicap!

Ok, so here is one of my BIGGEST (please excuse the pun) pet peeves! I know this is not the most PC post; however, I must vent! Today while exiting Walgreens I witnessed a VERY large woman flopping into her car. She was parked in the handicap parking spot and had a handicap hanger on her mirror. She was young (mid-thirties) and HUGE. Now, remember who is writing this... if I'm saying she was HUGE she was HUGE. She appeared to be physically fine, except for the LARGE booty she was toting around. Which lead me to my pet peeve, FAT IS NOT A HANDICAP! "But Karen, obesity leads to multiple health problems. She could have had knee problems, hip problems, ankle problems or whatever." Yeah, yeah, yeah I hear ya! Yet as we all know, and believe me I know, all of these problems could be helped my loosing the booty! I also understand that she could have had one, or more, hidden medical problems. Problems which could exacerbate her weighty condition, but seriously people if she can tote that big ass through Walgreens she's well enough to park more than two spots away from the store! Hell even my caboose parks at least two spots away from the store. I don't know who is handing out the handicap (oops! physically disabled) parking plaques, but WAKE UP! If you continue handing out plaques and plates to every fat ass Tom, Dick and Harry, Walmart is going to have to paint their entire parking lot blue and white! Oh! And don't forget to ditch the "stick figure" on the sign. If fat is a handicap ya might want to add five love handles around the back of the wheel chair and ass overhang around the seat!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

James' Internet Fixation

So, tonight I watched what James' spent hours researching on the computer. This is what I learned.... this is a picture of a 1971 Cuda. Oh, Cuda is short for Barracuda. (insert manly prowl growl) Apparently this is a "cool" car. What a blessing, some men spend hours searching internet porn sites, mine spends hours checking out Mopar products. Although I must admit I did see him check under her hood.


Something is just not right in the universe. Just as I am s-l-o-w-l-y recovering from Hillary Clinton's Democratic Primary Loss, I am faced with another world shattering happening! The Green Bay Packers have traded Brett Favre to the New York Jets. What? What? What?! Now, I understand Brett said he was retiring, and therefore the Packers organization decided to move forward with in a "new direction" (ie. "we're going to start using the chump QB who has been warming our bench for the past 3ish seasons) Oh! That sounds like a great plan! Has anyone seen this man perform? Oh, that's right! He played about 3 plays last season and choked! Yeah! Let's start with this dude. (Yes, dude is his current name. I am refusing to acknowledge his real name. However I do believe it is Aaron, apparently his parents were morons, or the discovers of the Aardvark, because we can all see the double Aa isn't needed!) Anyhow, I LOVE the Packers. Yet now I feel as if I lost my big brother. Brett has been the starting QB for Green Bay since Sept. of my Junior year in High school! Now what?! Do I continue to LOVE the Packers (and mentally piss on Mike McCarthy) or do I split my love between GB and the Jets? I don't even remotely like the Jets. They are one of those teams, when talked about on ESPN, I think "Are they even still around?" Well apparently the Jets organization is aware of this thought and signed Farve to simply make themselves known. Can anyone on the Jets team even catch one of Farve's throws? I suppose we'll all just have to stay tuned and find out. What the hell was Green Bay thinking?! Farve has carried that team for years and now it's just "Bye Farve! You will be missed." Now I know the Packers organization is FILLED with cheeseheads! Apparently they have it shoved between their ears! The world is FULL of stupid, stupid people. Rejecting Farve is just proof that their is a large village of stupid, stupid people living in Green Bay Wisconsin!