Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Reid's Musical Performance

Last evening Reid had his Kindergarten musical performance. Four of the eight Kindergarten classes came together to sing songs of peace. He did a great job. His lips were moving during the songs, and he yawned and chatted with friends at each break in the music. That would be typical Reid. It was fun to see Reid being the focus of our family's attention. For years we have watched Hayden's performances, it was nice and somewhat bitter-sweet seeing Reid upfront with all of his friends, teachers and classmates. Our baby boy is growing up. As an update for those who may be concerned, James' blood tests came back normal, and his heart monitor showed nothing abnormal. He has a follow-up appointment scheduled for 2/4. The dizzy spells have stopped and he has been feeling much better. Perhaps it was a virus?! Hopefully we will find out more later.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

We're Back!

Wow! It has been quite awhile since my last posting. Thankfully our computer is back up and running, so here is our latest news. Christmas was great and very drama free. Hooray! As usual, we spent New Year's Eve at Wendy's. It has become an annual tradition to start the evening at Wendy's and then we walk up to the square in Red Lion to watch the cigar usher in the new year. Good food, family and fun it doesn't get any better than that! Now, since the first of the year, this Mama feels as if she has been on an emotional roller coaster. At Hayden's yearly eye exam we found out his left eye is turning out again. His vision hasn't changed, but the muscle in his eye is weakening. He has been referred to a vision therapist and will have his first appointment on Feb. 11. Hayden also received a firm diagnosis of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis from Dr. Bingham at Hershey Medical Center. He is currently on an anti-inflammatory to help decrease the swelling in his knee and is scheduled to return to Hershey in March. Reid is still plugging away in school. He has made much improvement and continues to love going to school. We will have a meeting with his teacher in May to discuss whether first grade should be considered. James has been having random dizzy spells. He has been to the doctor twice. They have run blood tests, an EKG and strapped him to a heart monitor for 24 hours. Thankfully all the tests have come back normal. If you ask me the boy needs to learn to eat better and stop eating processed crap from truck stops and convenience stores. He needs to come to terms with being 41 not 21! Not that I would have an opinion and not that James would listen if I had one! Ha! At least Ella and I are holding it together. Well the boys will be coming home in minutes. Love you all, take care!