Wednesday, March 26, 2008

What Happened To February & March?

I realize that I haven't written anything since January! Has life really been that busy? Honestly February is a blur. Reid turned 6 on the 5th of February. We also celebrated Valentines Day. Not that V-Day is unique to only us, but I had to mention it. This was the first year both of the boys made us cards on their own. It is so nice to know that, for now, both of our boys still love us! Both of the boys also had celebrations in their classrooms. Although, they no longer have Valentine Day parties in school. They now have "Friendship Day" parties. Oddly enough, the party is held on, or close to, Valentines Day and the kids exchange "Friendship" cards. Ok, if it looks like a valentine, reads like a valentine and is in February.....IT'S VALENTINE'S DAY/PARTY! James and I also got to go out to dinner thanks to Wendy. Thanks for watching the kids Wendy! We actually had time to ourselves! We almost forgot what that was like! So, who wants to watch the kids next.... any takers? Yeah, didn't think so. Hayden also started vision therapy in February. So far he has been doing very well with it. When he began the therapy, his eye dr. changed the Rx in his glasses drastically. I was very worried he wouldn't be able to see. The strength of his lenses was decreased and his bi-focal was cut by over half. Thankfully, when he received his new glasses he was amazed at how much better he could see. Amen! The vision therapy is now helping him to strengthen his eye muscles, and will help him with depth perception as well as hand-eye coordination. Now onto March....... Actually, March entered on a sad note. My Aunt Janet passed away March 3rd after a lengthy battle with lung cancer. I'm thankful she is free; however, she was one of those people I thought would be around forever. She was the matriarch of the Dressel family. She worried about, and cared for, everyone. All news seemed to travel through her. Her death leaves a huge hole in our family. Now what? Where do we go from here? One thing is certain, I will miss her always. On March 14th, Hayden had another appointment to Hershey Medical Center. He received a steroid injection into his right knee joint. He did fantastic! It hurt, but he did a great job holding still and keeping it all together. Hopefully the long acting steroid will decrease the fluid in his joint and therefore decrease the swelling in his knee. The shot should last between 6-12 months. However, there is a chance the fluid may never return. His next visit is scheduled for May 9th, so until then, we'll keep praying! Both Hayden and Reid begin their spring sports this weekend. Hayden will be playing soccer again. His games are 2-3 each Sunday. Reid has decided to trade soccer for football. So his games will be every Saturday from 1-2. Feel free to give me a call and I'll give you more info. They both have games every weekend through mid-May. Well, it is now 9:53pm. Ella is in her bed crying and Hayden is yelling "Mom, Mom, Mom" non-stop. At least one of them is quiet! God Bless ya'll till next time!