Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Feeding Time

Recently we've added a new addition to our family.  Yet another mouth to feed....well actually mouths.  Apparently 3 kids, 3 dogs, geckos and a hamster weren't enough.  Now we have a venus fly trap!  Not only is it a carnivorous plant, it is apparently a "special" plant.  Explanation of  "special" doesn't catch FLIES!  We found the plant during a recent trip to our local nursery.  The kids were checking it out, which led to the following conversation:

Kids: Does it really catch flies?
Me: I guess so.?
Kids: Can we get it?
Me: No!
Kids: Aw, common Mom! Why not?!
Me: What are we going to do during the winter?  It will die...there are no flies around here in the winter!
(Enter "helpful" Garden Guy): You can feed it small meal worms during the winter.
Kids: We have meal worms for the gecko!

Great now I really had no excuse, other than just plain "No, Because I said so!" Plus, I was kind of curious....would it actually eat flies?   Short answer....NO! Our "special" fly trap is apparently incapable of catching flies!  Since it has gone about 2 weeks without eating any "protein" my husband decided to feed it last evening.  The following pictures illustrate the horror which took place on our kitchen table last evening!

Do you see what is dangling from "mouth" on the left?!  A WORM!  James placed a worm in the mouth and it wriggled away while the mouth was closing! Eeeewwww!

Good-bye Mr. Meal worm! 
As of this morning both heads were still closed and the worms were completely inside.   GROSS!  I think I prefer the simple houseplants that prefer air, water and fertilizer over protein!  Yuck!

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