Friday, January 15, 2010

NBC Has Officially Lost It!

This is who the Tonight Show belongs to.

Look! It even says so in the photo! :)

But instead of giving the guy and honest shot, NBC has decided to do this:

Which makes me LOVE this:

Please watch to the end... it's just beautiful and so true!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Camera!

We did it! We finally broke down and bought a new camera! :) Instead of punishing family, friends and fellow blog-readers with dull text-only posts, I've been avoiding blogging. Now the pics are back and the posts will follow!

New camera tests:

Ella's CHEESE!!!

Hayden's panoramic shot of our kitchen. Yes! The counters have been cleaned off since this pic was taken! :) Note, burgundy cupboards with pink and teal would think a sledge hammer to this room would be next on the list of home improvements. Sadly, it's third on the list! :(

Jim and his favorite kitchen accessory.... the coffee pot!

Hayden's strong man pose. :) LOVE IT!

We also had a family fondue/Wii party this weekend.....

Pap-paw playing Wii for the first time!

Food covered in chocolate.... the kids were in heaven!

Aunt Wendy and Baby Kenny (due end of April) enjoyed too!