Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Day 2 & A Few Photos

So far day 2 has gone just as well as day 1! I was a bit worried about the new Kindergarteners starting today, but they did great! Not a single tear, some very wide eyes, but no tears!

As I was posting last evening, I found quite a few "odd and end" photos on the camera. I've posted a few of these pics below. Ella chose the slide show theme, so please excuse the fluttering butterflies! :)

Oh, for those who may be wondering about the BIG aloe at the end, click here for the background story.


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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

We Made It!!!!!!!

Well, the first day of school went off with out a hitch! All went well, but it was truly an exhausting day for all involved. Hayden and Reid both had a great first day and the bus runs (amazingly) went GREAT! Although, it would be helpful if the bus didn't become an oven on days over 80 degrees! Here are a few first day pics:

We left the house around 6:15 am to get to the bus on time. Yeah, it's dark at 6:15 AM! :(

Hayden excited about day 1!

Reid a little less excited and just a bit nervous; however, he left the bus with a big grin!

Tomorrow the Kindergarten kids will have their first day. This doesn't effect my own children; however, it should make the bus run VERY interesting. I'm expecting tears and cameras! :)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Tomorrow Is The Big Day!!!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow it is officially back to school and back to work! For the past few years I have cherished this day. I would walk the kids to the bus stop and stand there blinking back tears as I took pictures and waved at them through the bus windows. Now this year, Mama drives the bus! I began driving last January, the school year was obviously well underway. In June I had a teary last day. I knew it was the last time Hayden would be riding my bus. This year he will be attending the "intermediate" school, a 4-6 building. I drive for the "primary" school, a K-3 building. So, on our first day I'll get to have my 3 together on my High School run. Then during our layover, Hayden will leave my bus to get on the intermediate bus. (Insert tears here) I will then, 45 min. later, drop Reid off at school for his first day in 2nd grade. (Insert tears here, again) I'll be sure to post pics tomorrow. I just can't believe they are in 4th and 2nd already! It seems like only 2 years ago I was walking Hayden into school for his first day in Kindergarten. Now here he is changing schools, riding new buses, and being "big". It's the same with Reid. Wasn't he in Kindergarten last year?! I swear I'm missing a whole year! If I think about it, I know I've been there, but truly, time goes too fast. Well, say a prayer and wish us luck! Tomorrow we return to reality!

Side note: Ella will be starting Pre-K in September. I'm sure there will be plenty of tears shed then too. My baby is only one year away from Kindergarten!!!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Like I was saying....

I just finished reading Larry King's autobiography, My Remarkable Journey. After an arrest that led to him being off the air for a period of time, he began his return show by saying, "Like I was saying..." As if he has simply gone to a commercial break and returned 2 minutes later. It stuck me as funny. I thought it would be a very fitting title for this post. After reappearing with a "I'm back slide show", I disappeared only to now reappear again! I suppose a explanation would be appropriate.

Remember my July post regarding a lump on my leg. According to the Dr. it was a venomous bite. I believe it was; however, I was having a deeper pain in my leg. I told myself it was simply a reaction to the bite, but something just didn't feel right. A week later I was back in the Dr's office with a PAINFUL lump on the opposite side of the same calf. It was a superficial blood clot. I was told to take Rx strength Aleve and hold moist heat over it. Less then 24 hours later I had another PAINFUL (yes it requires caps) lump on my leg, a swollen varicose vein (ugh!) and pain radiating up the back of my leg. I called the Dr. with a "is this supposed to be happening" phone call. I was sent right into the hospital for an ultrasound of my left leg.

The ultrasound tech was fantastic. She was so calm, I...not so much. She was so kind as I had a momentary freak out on her table. My best friend's grandmother passed away from a blood clot when her kids were young. Like my girlfriend's mother said, one minute they were walking through the store the next minute it was "Mom... mom... MOM?" The story has freaked me out since I first heard it many years ago. So, here I was being tested for the same thing that killed her! Thanks to my ultra calm ultrasound tech, I was actually relaxed by the time she was finished. Then....she got up and left the room. James and I could hear her talking in the hall, but couldn't make out what she was saying. She returned to say, "I'll send you husband down the hall for your clothes (they were in a locker), I will return with a wheelchair, you may not walk. I'll be taking you down the hall where the Dr. will speak to you."

Say what?! Panic! That's what my every cell in my body said! I was wheeled into a waiting room staffed with a very kind nurse (Ruth) who asked what news we were waiting on. I explained my situation and told her my blood clot fears. Her response, "This may be new and scary for you, but know that we see these quite often, you'll be fine." God is good, he new I needed comfort, he sent nurse Ruth! Thank you! Minutes passed, still no news, a familiar face appeared at the door. It was the mother of a child I had years ago in a Kindergarten classroom. She's a radiologist at the hospital. She has a great sense of humor and our conversation went pretty much like this:
Her: What are you doing here?
Me: I think I have a blood clot.
H: Ah, uh-huh.
M: I'm scared, it could be in my lung, headed to my heart, or on its way to my brain.
H: (Chuckle) no, because if it was you wouldn't be sitting there like that, you'd be on the floor.
It, again, was much needed reassurance. She stayed until the Dr. called. Thank you!

The news...2 superficial blood clots (painful..oops...PAINFUL, but not lethal) and 1 deep vein thrombosis (DVT, deadly if they break off and travel to lungs, heart or brain). I was told I would be staying for at least 24 hours. Panic! I'm a control freak! My dad had the kids, I hate to inconvenience people. Hayden had soccer practice! Reid and Ella had bible school! How can I stay?! Well, I stayed. Thankfully, I have a fantastic group of family and friends. Things went smoothly and I was able to rest. Ok, I'll be honest....I freaked out. It was the meds that allowed me to rest! :) Blood tests were taken and I learned how to give myself injections of a blood thinner. After the insurance company OKed the use of the injections at home I was released, a bit over 24 hours after being admitted.

I was ordered to stay off my feet for 2 weeks. My Dr. even called James and had a little chat about the importance of sitting! :) It hurt, I was giving myself injections 2x's a day (I don't know how diabetic individuals could do this daily. I have a whole new respect for those on insulin.), I was scared, I began a new regimen of oral blood thinners, I felt emotionally drained, I was afraid of suddenly dying in front of my kids while James was at work, I felt like the clots would never go away. Again, I have amazing family and friend. My mom pitched in with laundry help and childcare, friends helped with the kids and made meals, James stepped up to the plate and took on the Mom AND Dad role (he even had his wisdom teeth removed 4 days after I came home from the hospital....he developed a dry socket....and he still kept going!) Again....God is good!

Now, I'm feeling leg still hurts. Last Thursday was the end of my "two week sitting sentence". I'm still trying to take it easy. The more I'm up the more it hurts. Not nearly as bad as it had, but enough to know that I need to rest and take it easy. Tomorrow is a follow-up appointment and I'm anxious to see what the Dr. thinks about how things are progressing. I know I'm MUCH better than 2 weeks ago. I'm alive! God is good! He knew I would be fine...He sent people to tell me I would be fine... I chose not to see it and listen immediately.... but He knew. In fact, the first Sunday we could make it to church after my hospital release, we saw a video on the Disciples and the storm. It hit me...Peter began to sink not because of his lack of faith in Jesus, but his lack of faith in his OWN faith!!!!!!!!! Again, God knew! :)