Friday, July 10, 2009

Too Cute!

Dr. Ella's Diagnosis

Today the kids and I took a sudden visit to the Dr. The kids were all fine, it was Mama that needed the Dr. I developed and odd, red, warm lump on the side of my leg. I'm currently on a medication that lists blood clots as a side effect. As many already know, Mama making it to the doctor requires military-like planning on a normal day. Thankfully, my Mom works next to the Dr's office and just happened to be getting off work as I was heading out the door for my appointment. Mom met the kids and I (including my nieces) in the parking lot. She took the older 3 and I took the youngest 2. Things went amazingly well. Even though I miss holding a wee one, I LOVE having children who are old enough to pull it all together and behave when they REALLY need to! Well, while waiting for the Dr., Ella decided to sit in the Dr.'s chair and play Dr. She did very well asking me questions and poking around my leg. After about 3 minutes of deep thought, and she announced, "Mama I know what is wrong wif you! You boobs is getting saggy!" Apparently the lump on my leg was a misplaced breast. Thankfully the real Dr. disagreed and concluded it is a venomous bite. Sadly I don't know which diagnosis is more disturbing...biting creepy-crawlies or sagging, old lady boobs that apparently (according to my 4 yr. old Doogie Houser) now hang below my knees!