Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Our Crazy Life

At times it feels as if life could not get any busier. This month has been a tornado of activity. James' birthday was on the 13th and Hayden turned 8 on the 16th. So, two sets of gifts and cake/pie and ice cream. I would LOVE to be one of those people who could purchase the perfect gift months in advance. Unfortunately that is just not me. My head is just not that organized. Therefore I seem to run around like a mad woman just days before the "event", holiday or whatever the occasion may be. Then of course there was Thanksgiving. Thankfully, my Mom handles that load. Wendy and I just need to show up with sides or desserts. Hey, I can do that! Then Thanksgiving night Wendy, and my girlfriends Colleen & Jen, pulled an all nighter at the outlets in Lancaster. Fun! Fun! Fun! Well, fun until the 2 hour wait in Toys R Us! Oh well, my Christmas shopping is 85% finished! HOORAY! I love it! The 15% that isn't finished just needs ordered or picked up and I'm done! Ha! I suppose I can actually do something ahead of time after all! We also spent the weekend putting up and decorating our Christmas tree, and began decorating the outside of the house. Just 6 more strings of lights and that should be finished too! Well, hopefully all this advance work for Christmas will help keep our December nice and peaceful, although, somehow I doubt it. Now here's a question, will a spray bottle of water keep a 2 year off the tree the way it keeps cats off? I am seriously considering it. I'm also taking bets on how long the train actually stays under the tree. It was put together on Sunday and has been derailed by 10am each day since. That's James' baby...I DON'T touch it! What do men find so fascinating about having a train under the tree. It goes in a CIRCLE? Is anyone expecting anything to exiting to happen? James, Hayden and Reid stare at it like dogs would stare at a cat parade! I stand behind them just shaking my head as Ella stealthily waits for the perfect moment, when the boys aren't looking, to kick it off the track. Ahhh! I love the holidays,

Friday, November 16, 2007

How Funny Is This?!

My computer is, by most accounts, ancient and I can not figure out how a MP3 player works, but I'm creating my own blog. Truly, how funny is that! Well, I suppose we'll see how this goes. Feel free to check in and see the latest adventures of the Klahold family!